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TMJ (Tempero Mandibular Joint)

Treatment for TMJ disease is to allow the teeth and TMJ to work in harmony. When the jaw system is functioning properly, the lower jaw is able to freely hinge at the joints and close together with the lower teeth contacting the upper teeth very evenly all the way around the arch. This creates a solid bite. When there is discrepancy in the bite relationship to the fully seated joints, then problems can develop. Very often the jaw will have to shift in order to fully close the teeth together. This shifting of the jaw creates a stress at the joint level. We will see manifestations of this shifting by muscle tenderness, joint discomfort, clenching and grinding of the teeth often occurs, along with signs of instability in the bite relationship which include wear of the teeth, looseness of the teeth, chipping of the teeth, etc. We study the bite relationship by way of mounted diagnostic study models and determine if adjustment of the biting surfaces of the teeth will correct the problem, or if an appliance you wear will help the way your teeth and jaw muscles work together. Our goal in this therapy is to allow the joints to fully seat, the muscles to relax, and the teeth to fully meet together at the proper position and to function properly in movement. Establishing this stability can prevent many problems that are serious in nature. These include temporomandibular joint dysfunction, muscle tension headaches, severe wear of your natural teeth, as well as loose teeth, chipping teeth, gum recession and sensitive teeth. We will discuss with you in detail our findings of your individual needs.

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