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crown, also known as a cap, covers and protects the entire surface of the tooth. Crowns are necessary when a tooth is generally broken down and fillings won’t solve the problem. If a tooth is cracked, a crown holds the tooth together to seal the cracks so the damage doesn’t get worse. Crowns are also used to support the tooth when there is more filling than natural tooth remaining, to attach a bridge, protect weak teeth from fracturing, restore fractured teeth, or to cover badly shaped or discolored teeth.Crowns can be porcelain (tooth covered) or gold depending on which tooth is involved. This procedure takes 2 visits. At the first visit, the tooth will be prepared for the crown by reducing the tooth so the crown can fit over it. Sometimes it is necessary to place a build-up on the tooth to replace severely broken down or missing areas prior to the placement of the crown. Impressions will be taken that will be sent to our lab for the crownfabrication. You will leave here with a temporary crown, and return in a few weeks to have the permanent crown inserted. The main goal is to create crowns that look like natural teeth and that will be stronger. To care for your new crown, be sure to have your teeth cleaned and checked regularly, use floss or interdental cleaners to remove plaque from the crown area where the gum meets the tooth. This way your investment will stay beautiful for a long time.

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